Hi there, welcome to my shop !

Here, everything is made, packed and sent by me.
Managing the store is not my full time activity, so the orders are packed and shipped within 3-5 days after the order.

Estimated delivery after shipping :

• 1 to 5 business days in France
• 3 to 10 business days in Europe
• 5 to 21 business days out of Europe

Thanks a lot !

>> Drôles de Zèbres :
Si tu es sur Clermont-Ferrand et souhaites retirer ta commande à la boutique Drôles de Zèbres, au 10 rue Terrasse, utilise le code "DROLESDEZEBRES" au moment du paiement !
J'y passe au moins 2 fois par mois donc tu auras un email quand ta commande y seras !

If you want to know more about me...

I’m Sow Ay, a self taught graphic designer, illustrator, comics maker and a 90’s kid often hidden under a hoodie and a headphone, usually listening to heavy music and bands you’ve probably never heard about.

As a freelance creative, I work on creations including graphics and ads for the newspaper, illustrations, posters, comics and whatever people ask me to do !

And on my personal time, I draw and create for the internet !


My personal work about mental health is used as a tool for education and for helping people suffering with mental illnesses. These creations appeared in various art shows, conferences and events worldwide but also on many amazing websites and in many languages.

With this work, I intend to let people know how mental illness feels, that it’s okay to feel like that and that people suffering are not alone.

If you are curious, here’s a selection with the most popular comics.

If you like this work, you can choose to buy me a coffee on Ko-fi or support me montly on Patreon. That would help me continue this work that is available online for everyone.


Email, ask for freelance, say hello at sow[at]forsakenstar.com

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